t603 charge light on

Technical difficulties with our tatra cars
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t603 charge light on

Post by turbofreak » Tue, 11 Oct 2005 20:58

hello there my name is luke,
im from the uk,

just picked up our 1966 t603 up from 4 years of hell with restore company..
guess what ive got problems straight away,6 miles from home the charge light came on & stayed on the last 7 mile luckly it was still daylight.....

how does the charging system work on this old girl.im at a bit of a loss at them moment as ive never worked on tatras & dont have a manual.

cant see anything loose around engine.

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Post by Kustombart » Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:40


I just bought a T2-603 as well and my charging light is also on. Turns out two wires from the dynamo were worn through and were making a short circuit. I rewired the thing and took out the dynamo. It is real easy to take out. Turns out the short circuit also killed the regulator. That can be replaced by other units. Mine is going under the knife next week. Keep you informed what happened.

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