Parts required for 603 in Australia

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Parts required for 603 in Australia

Post by CraigS » Wed, 16 Apr 2008 20:44

Hi All. I have a 1963 Tatra 603 in Australia and am presently rebuilding the mechanicals. Front and rear suspension are being rebuilt at the moment. I had to make a new pair of trailing arms for the rear due to the original ones being badly rusted, and found a pair of 4WD shock absorbers with the correct specification. The front shocks are being rebuilt and I had a mould made up to reproduce the rubber mounting for the top bearing. Wheel cylinders have also been stainless steel sleeved, and new steel and flexible brake lines fitted. I am however looking for a few parts which I have been unable to find or reproduce. These are:

Front outer tie rod ends. I believe a VW Transporter van use something similar, but VW Australia needs a part number. Anyone know ?
I also need two brake drums for the front, although I presume that front and rear are the same.

I also need the rubber boots that cover the tie rod where it exits the body.

If anyone can help or point me in the right direction, please send me a personal message.

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