Front mask color of Tatra 613-3

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Front mask color of Tatra 613-3

Post by Pan Tatra » Fri, 07 Dec 2007 12:02

Hello friends!

:arrow: I have a few questions regarding the front masks of the Tatra 613-3.

I saw pictures of a red car where the front mask was of same red color as that of the body... so I thought these must have been painted...

On black painted cars I saw that these front masks were in a less dark and dull black color... I wonder if the latter ones were painted at all.

1. So is the front mask of black cars really not painted but just left in its original plastic color?

2. If yes... was it optional to have the front mask painted in black body color?

3. Would it compromise originality of the car to paint it by self in black?

Many thanks in advance!

Best Wishes,
Pan Tatra
Tatra 613-3 black.jpg
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Tatra 613-3 red.jpg
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Post by Luboš » Fri, 07 Dec 2007 23:22

1. Front mask had the same colour as bumpers - dull black or dull metallic black (1990-91).

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Re: Front mask color of Tatra 613-3

Post by Eda » Fri, 22 Feb 2008 10:28


the front mask was officially made on type 3 from black - i think ABS - elastical plastics by tatra factory, without need of paint. As the bumpers were always black painted it was reasonable.
With type 4 of T613 the bumpers were lacqueered in bodycolor the front masks were made from cheaper glass-fibre and fullpainted in bodycolor. You may find still original matt type 3 front masks (for instance in my garage :) ).
About the optional paint, iam not shure, but in 90´s everything was possible...

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