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Tatraportal  Nic

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The webpage Tatraportal.sk is the result of the work of non commercial activity by fans. The independency from any organisations, profesionality and free minded opinions are the basic concept of this website. Thanks to these principles the web page Tatraportal.sk became the most complex web about Tatra cars and trucks.

How it all begun

The idea of creating Tatraportal.sk came up in October 2003 after I (Robert) found out that there are many pages about Tatras on the web but every of them handles only about a certain topic and there is not a web page with the complete info about every vehicle that Tatra was making. The basic programming as well as "feeding" of the webpage begun in November 2003. The first big help was Matej Mojzis who helped indexing the photogalery. The domain Tatraportal.sk has been registered in January 2004. Tatraportal.sk started on 26th May 2004.


Help with web page creation

Luboš Balcar
Jirka Pollak
Martin Studnický
Tomáš Huba
Matej Mojžiš
Michal Jajcaj
Robert Somora

Photos and materials

Martin Studnický
Paul Schilperoord
Matej Mojžiš
Zdislav Žwak
Ján Abrahám
Ondrej Ertl
Michal Jajcaj

History of Tatraportal in dates

10.10.2003 First idea to create a web page about Tatra cars and trucks
15.10.2003 The work on the new web page begins
01.01.2004 Domain tatraportal.sk has been registered
26.05.2004 Tatraportal.sk launched
20.08.2004 Design enhancement
29.09.2004 Domain tatraportal.com has been registered
01.11.2004 DRRacer begins to work on vehicle descriptions
04.01.2004 Luboš begins to work on articles
25.01.2004 Discussion forum reaches 10000 contributions
07.08.2005 Discussion forum reaches 20000 contributions
05.03.2006 Tatraportal is now also in German
25.06.2006 Movement to a new web provider, freeze of the web